Time To End Body Shame

While scrolling through posts on social media I came upon a video with a girl who was extremely thin and decided to watch the video she had posted. The girl though thin looked healthy and beautiful but when I opened the comments to comment myself I saw some appalling things. The amount of body-shaming people were throwing at her actually made me angry! As a super-thin girl myself, I guess it probably hit a nerve more than normal because I had a lot of this same shaming done to me in middle and high school, saying I must be anorexic or bulimic to be that thin. Let me tell you that couldn't be further from the truth, I eat literally like every 2 hours every day. I just have a super-fast digestive track. 

Anyway back on track, now I don't know her story but I can tell you that she looked completely healthy which if she had any of those disorders, she wouldn't look healthy at all. Just at first glance, she was beautiful and talented which is what you hope every person sees when they look at you, not just your weight. Weight has nothing to do with beauty and health. Every person is made and built differently, that is what makes you, you! From her responses to some of these awful comments, I could definitely tell it was getting to her and that just made me madder and the worst part these people were mostly other women saying these things to her. Ladies STOP BODY-SHAMING each other! We all have at least one thing we may not like about our body and don't need other women making us feel worse about our bodies, our culture does that enough.

My point here is don't let other's shame your body, be the duck and them the water and let it roll off your back! No one's opinion but yours matters and you should love your body if it's healthy the way it is. Now am I saying people shouldn't exercise, blah, blah, blah NO absolutely not, I'm saying no matter your size, shape, etc, if you are healthy and do everything we all know we should be doing then your body is fine. And I wanna share a little secret with you, the first person who told me to never let anybody body shame me, a doctor or otherwise was, believe it or not, was my OB-GYN. She was a tall, curvy, African American woman who was extremely happy with her body and she told me that my body was perfect, it's how I'm supposed to be built just like she was built the way she was supposed to be. Just because our dress sizes were totally different does not me we are not healthy.

So don't let the fear of others talking about you or how you may feel about something you don't like on yourself stop you from living and sharing yourself with the world. I don't care if your a heavy person and want to join a dance contest, why not!? If you can bust a move than DO IT! If you let others influence you or your own insecurities, you stop yourself from being happy and everything you could possibly be one day. I hope together we can change this and stop it!

All the best lovelies!


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