My Very First Blog Post

Hi, I'm Nicci and let me start by saying thank you for visiting! Now let me dive into who I am and why I decided to start a blog. About 3 years ago I became extremely ill, so ill in fact that I lost 20% of my body mass. Now let me back up just a bit so this makes more sense, I have always been tall and thin never weighing much at all so losing so much weight was dangerous for me to the point I was almost hospitalized with a feeding tube put in me. With all this weight loss and stress, things for me started to change greatly; I no longer had the energy to do much of anything including not do things with my family, work, and my body and self-image really changed.

Beginning of illness
 I hated the way I looked and the person I was becoming, I made a decision once I realized what was happening that I was going to fix it. I started looking for ways to change it, my first priority was the way I saw my self in the mirror which I was pretty much avoiding at this point. None of my clothes fit anymore and with not working I really couldn't afford to spend money on a whole new wardrobe, so I did some research on something low in cost and would fit me in a way I liked. I found my first answer with leggings, they were popular at the time, inexpensive, and had a stretchy waistband which my doctors were recommending. I tried all kinds of different brands and I kept coming up with all kinds of different problems; too short, too tight, fit was wrong, or you could see through them.
One day I came across an online company that started out as a legging only company called Legging Army. While looking through their website I found they were affordable, they said they were not see through and were made of a super soft material. With that, I thought why not let's give them a shot. That decision turned out for the best they were everything they said they were and they fit perfectly!

Now I had pants I could feel confident in so I started buying tunic shirts to pair with them and other sweaters and top layers to form the perfect outfit to cover up what I didn't want to see. I even started jazzing them up with accessories to take them from every day to a date night outfit. I started feeling more like myself again even from this little boost and as I started physically getting better everything just kept escalating from there. After a while, I started thinking about all I had learned about what I went through and thought I really wanna share this knowledge and help other women who may have the same self-image issues I had experienced and are just stuck and don't know how to fix it. It's always been one of my passions to help others feel good about themselves that's why when I was in high school I took cosmetology classes this whole experience just amplified that passion tenfold.
I started working again and started planning on how I was going to help others and I eventually came to the conclusion to start a blog.

So we have come full circle to why I'm here writing this blog and a little about who I am. My hope is you can say your part of my growing community of women and moms looking for help with this, and other things you'll see here. I hope you enjoyed my little story and let's start learning how to bring out your inner sparkle and shine to the outside and build you up!

*If you would like to check Legging Army for your self simply click their name above or you can find it on the home page of my blog*


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